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Weathering is a word that refers to wear and tear represented on a model car.  This may be from actual weather (e.g. sun-faded paint), but more likely due to operational wear.

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Examples are:

The actual weathering will depend on the specific car, how it was maintained, and where it was operated (e.g. offroad). 

If you can find photos of the specific car you are modeling, then you can duplicate the weathering fairly precisely.  Otherwise just use typical photos of similar cars. 

Below: Engine from 1/24 scale Porsche Carrera GT ( Tamiya ). Painted in Black and Gunmetal. Looks nice, but can be improved...

model car engine after painting with flat acrylics

Below: Dry Brushing applied to the Gunmetal portions. Brush dipped in Silver paint, and wiped on paper till most of the paint removed, then run over the surface. This deposits paint on the high spots. Notice how the Porsche letters now really pop and stand out.

model car engine after dry brushing, part 1   

Below: Screws and other features after dry brushing.     

model car engine after dry brushing, part 2

Below: Completed engine.

model car engine after dry brushing, part 3




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